VMware Horizon Client setup
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These instructions will guide you through connecting to the NSU VMware Horizon Client server to access virtual desktops on campus.

To begin, launch the VMware Horizon Client desktop application:

Either double-click the box with the plus sign in the top-left of the window, or click "New Server".

Next, type "" in the next window and click "Connect".

On the next screen, enter your full NSU email and password.

You will now be able to access any virtual desktops you have access to. Double-click on one of them to sign into a virtual desktop that acts as a normal computer on-campus (except for a few minor differences). Please note that if you are using the College of Business desktop, it refreshes upon logout, effectively deleting any files or work you have saved to the computer. Therefore, if you need to save any work, you will need to take advantage of a cloud storage solution like OneDrive (which NSU provides employees access to) in order to save files and access them at a different computer or using another desktop session on a virtual desktop. For example, if you are signed into OneDrive on your computer and the virtual desktop, then you can access the files you save to OneDrive on your personal desktop, and the virtual desktop you access through the VMware Horizon Client.

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