Synchronize OneDrive libraries to your computer on Windows
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OneDrive offers 1000 GB of online storage space for every NSU account, team in Microsoft Teams, and other types of groups. Rather than copying and re-uploading files, OneDrive can automatically synchronize the files to a folder on your computer, allowing it to be seamlessly used with software that would otherwise use files on your computer.

Find your shared library

Any shared library or Microsoft Teams team will be shown in OneDrive's web portal. To access OneDrive via a web browser, use the Office 365 / Email link on myNSU to go to Outlook Web Access. From Outlook Web Access, use the app menu in the top-left corner of the page:

Find your team's library and navigate to the Documents folder:

Sync to your computer

In your personal OneDrive storage or shared library's Documents folder, there is a Sync button in the upper ribbon to start OneDrive on your computer and synchronize the folder:

Accept any prompt to open OneDrive on your computer:

Fill any prompts to log in to OneDrive, then open the File Explorer to see the newly added site:

Files in the site may now be edited in any application installed on the computer.

Please let us know if you would like assistance with setting up a solution using OneDrive or other tools provided by NSU.

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