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Requesting support
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If you are experiencing technical issues and would like to request support, you can do so using our support site. This guide will show you how to quickly and easily access this function and get the help you need.

First, you need to follow this address to our support site: Fill in the login boxes with your username (email address without "") and password (normal password you log into email and computers on campus with). Now, click "Login".

Click "Submit a Request".

Click one of the radio buttons to select a category for your request, then click "Next".

In the "Type" drop-down, select what type of issue you are experiencing. In the "Subject" field, give a descriptive, but concise title for your support request. Finally, detail your request for support in the blank field provided. Click "Submit" to complete your request.

In order to help you submit a request that sufficiently informs us of every aspect of your technical issue, as well as ensures we are aware of your availability, I am going to include an example of a well-articulated support request, that gives us all the information we need to deliver the quickest and most efficient support possible. This request gives critical information, including when the issue started to occur, what exactly happens when the issue is present, and the availability of the user, as well as their location. If you are requesting an update to a website, please always include the exact URL to the site you wish modified on any ticket you submit; tickets without this information are placed On Hold.  We will need to gather this information through other measures, if it is not included in the initial post of the support request, which could result in your issue taking longer to resolve. This request also includes an attached picture of the issue occurring, which can also be very helpful to us in narrowing down the cause of the issue.

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