How to setup your voicemail in Natchitoches
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How to setup your Voicemail and User Guide for the Natchitoches campus



How do I access voicemail?

 1.) From any NSU phone you may call the voicemail system directly.

             Dial 4444 or press your message key.

 2.) From off campus dial.

             Dial (318) 357-4444

 3.) Once you have called the voicemail system it will ask for your mailbox number then your password.

             3.a) Enter your four-digit mailbox number then #. (It is the same as your seven digit telephone number.)
             3.b) Enter your temporary password. It is 12+ your mailbox number. then press #.
             3.c) After you enter your temporary password the Call Pilot system will ask you to change your password.
                    CallPilot will ask for your old password. Your old password is the temporary password.
                    Then you will be required to enter your new password then press #.
                    Your new password can be 4 to 16 digits.

 You are now logged into your voicemail box. Take a moment to record your name and greetings.

Record your name. (Do not use speakerphone)

  1. After you log into your mailbox dial 829.
  2. Press 5 to start recording.
  3. State your full name clearly.
  4. Press # to stop recording.

Record your greeting. (Do not use speakerphone)

There are three types of greetings, External, Internal and Temporary Greeting. You must at record the “External Greeting” at a minimum.

  1. While logged into your mailbox dial 82.
  2. Press 1 for External Greeting (for callers calling your DID number), 2 for Internal Greeting (for callers calling you from another six digit extension number), or 3 for Temporary Greeting (when using the Temporary Greeting it will over ride all other greetings for the time period you have set. See “To set the expiry date for your temporary greeting” below.).
  3. Press 5 to start recording.
  4. Record your greeting.
  5. Press # to stop recording.

To play, delete, or rerecorded your greeting.

  • To play your greeting, press 2.
  • To delete your greeting, press 76. To undelete a message return to the message before   logging out and press 76 to restore the message.
  • To rerecord your greeting, Press 5 to start recording and # to stop recording.


To set the expiry date for your temporary greeting.

  1. While at your temporary greeting, press 9 to set the expiry date.
  2. Enter the month, day and time, pressing # after each entry.
  • For the current month or day, press # only.
  • For a time setting of 9:00, press 900#. For a.m., press 1; for p.m., press 2.
  • For the standard expiry time of one minute after midnight on the date you specified, press ###.

Retrieve and play your messages.

After logging in to your mailbox, you hear the mailbox summary, then the header for your first message.

            · To play the current message, press 2.

            · To go to the next message, press 6; to go to the previous message, press 4.

            · To start over at the first message the end of your message list, press 6.


 While you are playing a message, you can use these message commands:

  • To skip back five seconds in the message, press 1; to skip forward five seconds in the message, press 3.
  • To pause, press #; to continue press 2.
  • To delete a message, press 76.
  • To undelete a message, before disconnecting, return to the deleted message and press 76 to restore it.
  • To reply to a message, press 71.
  • To forward a message, press 73. Enter the four number that you want to forward the message, then press #. Repeat this step for additional numbers to which you want to forward the message. When you finish entering the addresses, press # again to end the list. Press 5 to record an introduction and # to end recording. Then press 79 to send the message.


Express Messaging

Express messaging allows you to leave a voicemail message without actually calling their number.

1. Dial the express messaging number 2222

2. Enter the seven digit mailbox number then #.

3.) Record the message.



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