Create a new calendar in Office 365
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You can have multiple calendars in Office 365 in order split up events for the purpose of different projects, sharing, or any other needs you can think of.

In the directions below, mobile device users should use a touch and hold gesture rather than a right click.

To create a new calendar:

1. Log into Office 365.

2. From your Inbox, select the Calendar at the top of the window and find the Calendar list on the left side of the window.

3. Right click in the Calendar list to show the menu of options. Note that you must click very close to the headers to get the menu, click a little to far above or below the Calendar list and you won't get the menu.


4. Select new calendar. If you want to create multiple calendars grouped together you can create a calendar group which appears like My Calendars and Other Calendars in the image above.

5. A new calendar will appear and requires you to name it.


6. After creation the calendar may have a grey square icon next to its name. This means it is hidden (not shown on the calendar).


7. Click the gray square or checkmark in order to show or hide as many calendars as you want.


Multiple calendars are shown in different colors to help distinguish which calendars the events belong to.

For more information on working with calendars in Office 365 see the Microsoft document on Working with Multiple Calendars‚Äč.

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