Set up or join a meeting on computers in WebEx Meetings
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How to access the WebEx portal at and set up or join a meeting.

Cisco WebEx Meetings is available to all students, faculty, and staff at NSU. Our paid services from WebEx have benefits like global call-in capability, accountability and details for time spent, higher quality of service, and greater safety and isolation from intruders. It's available for PC or Mac, through web browsers, and mobile devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Rather than using free Internet services, WebEx should be used for all video teleconferencing needs at NSU. To get started with a new meeting on your computer, follow these instructions:

1 - Go to in your web browser.

2 - Click Sign In.  (Note: You can also download the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App from here.  It is not required, but it is another option to starting a WebEx Meeting as shown later.)

3 - Type in your email address in the next screen and click Next.

To join a personal meeting room or meeting by 9-digit number

If you have been sent a meeting invite from one of your colleagues, you should be able to click on the link in your colleague's invite to join them. If you are joining a publicly announced meeting or have no direct invite link, you can search for meeting rooms or meetings by their 9-digit number. Every personal meeting room has a corresponding 9-digit meeting number, as well.

Go to the search bar and type in your colleague's name, email address, or the 9-digit meeting number.  Once it appears in the dropdown, select Start to join the specified room.

To schedule a meeting for later

Use the Schedule button located to the right of Start a Meeting. Adjust the settings in the next page and add your participants by e-mail. The meeting will be shown in the Upcoming Meetings section for all participants when they sign in to

To connect to your personal room

1 - Hover your cursor over the arrow next to Start a Meeting.  This arrow will give you the option to either use the Desktop App or the Web App.  Select which one you'd choose to use, click on it, and then click on Start a Meeting.

2 - On the next page, if you selected the Desktop App option and have the Desktop App installed, this screen will appear.  Click Open Cisco WebEx Meeting in the box at the top of the screen.  If the desktop app isn't working, or if you meant to select the Web App, click Join from your browser. at the bottom of the screen.

3 - Once you're in either the Desktop or Web App, go to Settings in the bottom right corner to open your speaker and microphone settings.  Select the speaker and microphone you'd prefer to use, and then click out of this box to save.

4 - After ensuring that you aren't muted or (optionally) if your camera is on (both are the buttons you see next to Start Meeting), select Start Meeting.

5 - Once in, click the three dots near the bottom of the screen and click on the Invite & Remind option.

6 -  Another box will appear.  Simply type in the email address of all of your colleagues that you want to invite to your meeting, and then click Send.  You can also have your colleagues go to your room manually using the Search for a Meeting instructions above.

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