Create a signature for Adobe Acrobat DC
Posted by Brendan Gentry on April 08, 2020 04:03 PM

Sometimes a document will require a digital signature.  In Adobe Acrobat DC, you will need to add a signature that allows you to sign the document digitally.  To create a new signature, follow the instructions below.

1 - Open Adobe Acrobat DC.

2 - When opened, click on Edit in the top left corner. A drop down box will appear.  Click Preferences.

3 - A new window will pop up.  On this window will be a list of categories on the left side of the screen.  Click on Signatures.

4 - There will be multiple options.  Click on More next to the Identities and Trusted Certificates section.

5 - Another window should appear.  Click on the Add a new signature button (it will look like an ID card with a +)

6 - A new window should appear.  Click on A new digital ID I want to create now and then click Next.

7 - Click Next

8 - Put in your name, Organizational Unit, Organization and email address in their respective boxes, and click Next.

9 - Create a password that you can remember.  Please note that if you forget the password, you can follow steps 1-8 again to create a new Digital Signature.  After creating a password for this user, click on Finish.

Now your digital signature should be working, and you can use this to sign any PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat DC that requires one.

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