Dial by phone or use computer for audio in WebEx Meetings
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How to call-in to a meeting if your computer lacks a microphone, or information to give others who intend to join the conference by phone only.

Cisco WebEx Meetings is available to all students, faculty, and staff at NSU. Our paid services from WebEx have benefits like global call-in capability, accountability and details for time spent, higher quality of service, and greater safety and isolation from intruders. It's available for PC or Mac, through web browsers, and mobile devices from theĀ Apple App Store or Google Play. Rather than using free Internet services, WebEx should be used for all video teleconferencing needs at NSU. To get started with a new meeting, see our instructions here: Set up or join a meeting in Cisco WebEx Meetings.

If you have no access to audio devices like a microphone on your computer, Cisco WebEx Meetings through NSU can allow you to dial into a meeting by phone while using your computer to see video and text. You can hear others and be heard in the meeting through your landline or cell phone. Likewise, if you would like to include a participant with no access to a computer or the Internet, there are dedicated phone numbers in nearly every country for accessing meetings in WebEx.

You may find that the option to call in for audio is selected already when you intend to use your computer. Following a similar set of steps, you can change Call in to Use computer for audio when connecting to a meeting.

Desktop edition of WebEx Meetings

To test your connection to WebEx and try out features, use the included personal meeting room:

A screen shown below should appear before connecting to any scheduled meeting or personal meeting room. If you intend to connect by phone, select the Call in option. If you intend to use your computer's connected or built-in microphone, select Use computer for audio. If you are using two separate devices for audio and video, such as the WebEx Meetings smartphone app, select Don't connect to audio.

Choosing the option to Call in will show instructions on how to dial in:

After dialing the chosen phone number, dial the digits of the meeting number/access code, press pound, dial your two-digit attendee ID, and press pound. Your phone will then be connected under your name, and you can still see video and text when connected with a computer. If you have unlimited nationwide calling, you should not incur a toll when dialing this number located in San Francisco.

WebEx Meetings through the web

If you're using a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) to access WebEx Meetings, an option similar to the desktop edition is shown before you connect to a meeting. Choosing the option to call-in will show the same information as above.

Dialing in without a computer

For participants to dial in without a computer, locate the small information button at the top-left corner of the meeting in session. When you schedule a meeting, a meeting number will be given as well. The meeting number and access code are the same number.

Participants can dial the given number, enter the meeting number/access code, and press the #/pound key twice (providing no attendee ID) to be admitted into the meeting via phone. Those who call in, provide the meeting number, and do not provide an attendee ID will be connected with the name Call-in User, Call-in User 2, and so forth.

Do not give anyone your own two-digit attendee ID, or they will replace the audio feed from your microphone and be able to speak as you.

Find the global number for participants outside of the USA

You can find call-in numbers for many countries by using the audio settings menu.

Like the USA number, participants without a computer can call-in, provide the meeting number shown, and hit the pound key twice. Do not give them your attendee ID.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with WebEx or other tools provided by NSU.

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