Make announcements using Microsoft Teams
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Details on a streamlined method to make announcements to your department or classes through Microsoft Teams.

Whether you're the leader of a department, lecturer of classes, supervisor of student employees, or officer of an RSO, Microsoft Teams at makes it easy to organize, meet, and collaborate remotely at NSU. Instant messaging and calling between anyone at NSU is also available through Teams. We offer Teams for all faculty, staff, and students with an email address at

First, ensure Microsoft Teams is installed on your computer and you have signed in. Find the installation instructions here.

Ensure you have set up a team for your department, class, student employees, etc. Find the instructions to set up a new team here.

Create an announcement channel

On Teams for PC/Mac or web browser, navigate to your team. You must be listed as an 'Owner' of the team to make a proper announcement channel.

Use the context menu control (three dots) next to your team's name to show the context menu. Find the option Add channel in the context menu:

Add a new channel called Announcements, and check the option to show the channel for everyone automatically:

If you intend for everyone in the team to make announcements, no further changes are necessary; proceed to Make an announcement.

Restrict posting to the announcements channel

If your team has many members and you'd like to ensure only certain members can make announcements, it's possible to restrict the channel.

Use the context menu of the Announcements channel to find the Manage channel option:

Change Channel moderation to On. Optionally, use the Manage button to add a list of certain people by directory name to allow them to make announcements. Otherwise, only people marked as Owner of the team will be allowed to make announcements.

Make an announcement

If you were in the channel settings page, navigate to the Announcements channel by clicking on it in the list.

Select the compose box, enter an @ sign and start typing the name of the team. When the name of the team is shown in the Suggestions box, click on the entry or hit the Tab key to select that entry.

The team name should be shown in purple in the compose box. Hit the spacebar key and compose the announcement:

Hit enter or the send button to send the announcement. Those who haven't read it directly in Teams will receive an email notifying them of the message.

Depending on the options you chose, all team members should be able to comment on the announcement:

Team members may acknowledge the announcement with an emoticon, when the mouse cursor is hovered over the message:

Please let us know if you would like assistance in setting up a solution with Microsoft Teams or other remote work tools we offer.

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